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The Savings Add Up - IMA Staff Enrollment Program

IMA® membership is a sound investment, and the IMA Staff Enrollment Program makes it easy for your organization to enroll.  With one convenient payment, you and your staff receive full access to all benefits and services IMA has to offer.  Regardless of where everyone is within their career path, IMA has the tools and resources that will help them gain professional credibility.

Enrolling your accounting and finance staff through IMAs Staff Enrollment Program is easy and cost efficient. Depending on the size of your staff, organizations save more than 15% off the regular member rate.

Number of Staff   
Membership Fee*
5-49 $195 per member
50+ $185 per member

*The $15 membership application fee is waived at all levels

Members have access to IMA's full portfolio of benefits: CMA Certification, continuing education, peer networking, publications, research, IMA Career Center, and special discount offers.

IMA Staff Enrollment Program Conditions

Organizations interested in the Staff Enrollment Program  should familiarize themselves with the basic enrollment conditions. We encourage you to contact us to discuss the complete list of conditions and enrollment steps listed below.

  1. A minimum of five paid memberships are required, existing or new. 
  2. An organization can determine who and how many staff to enroll.  Program members can reside anywhere in the world.  An organization with subsidiaries may choose to consider each subsidiary a separate organization. 
  3. A primary contact at the organization must be appointed to manage the membership. 
  4. Program members will be enrolled and renewed under one organization name via one invoice, and one payment.  All program members will have the same membership term. 
  5. Program memberships are individually assigned and are nontransferable, i.e., the individual maintains their membership should they leave the organization.  Additional staff can be added to the SEP program at any time. 
  6. Program members will receive a unique member ID and have access to all member benefits and services. 
  7. The organization must provide IMA with the name/title, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address of each SEP program member. 
  8. Program members must verify eligibility and agree to abide by the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice
  9. To add members to an existing group, charges will be full price within 0-3 months of purchase, half price within 4-9 months of purchase, and assumed within renewal for 10-12 months of purchase.
  10. If the organization has staff that already belong to IMA at the time of enrollment, they won't receive a refund for unexpired months of membership.

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