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 Management Accounting Quarterly Fall 2006

Fall 2006
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Supply Chain Management: Monitoring Strategic Partnering Contracts with Activity-Based Measures
By Michael F. Thomas, Ph.D., and James Mackey, Ph.D., CMA, CPA
Management accountants are being challenged to find ways to provide more relevant information to better manage supply chain activities at their companies. The authors suggest they should measure such vendor performance activities as on-time deliveries and complete order filling.

Total Optimal Performance Scores: A Practical Guide for Integrating Financial and Nonfinancial Measures in Performance Evaluation
By John Briggs, Ph.D., CMA; M. Cathy Claiborne, Ph.D., CMA, CPA; and Elizabeth Cole, Ph.D., CPA
As performance evaluation becomes more complicated yet more necessary, companies are looking for the most effective ways to evaluate employee, department, or division accomplishments. One answer is TOPS (Total Optimal Performance Scores), which uses Excel Solver to aggregate multiple performance measures into a single, objective performance score.

Applying Strategic Cost Analysis Concepts to Capacity Decisions
By Paul Juras, Ph.D., CMA, CPA, and Eileen Peacock, Ph.D., CMA, CPA
The value of cost information depends on how it is used. The authors discuss why throughput costing, in combination with activity-based costing, is a good option to use to guide long-term, strategic decision making.

Segment Reporting Transparency—Caveat Emptor
By Jonathan B. Schiff, Ph.D., CMA, and Allen I. Schiff, Ph.D.
Financial analysts, M&A managers, and others researching the strengths and weaknesses of competitors need to understand the required segment reporting disclosures under SFAS No. 131 so they can analyze company data accurately.

Does the Balanced Scorecard Improve Performance?
By Gerald K. DeBusk, Ph.D., CMA, CPA, and Aaron D. Crabtree, Ph.D.
A survey of IMA members in management positions found that 88% of the respondents who were regular users of the balanced scorecard said it has led to improved operating performance and that 66% of them reported an increase in profits. Yet other surveys have reported a high failure rate. Who is right?

Do We Teach Enough IT Skills in Management Accounting Courses?
By Akhilesh Chandra, Ph.D., CMA; John J. Cheh, Ph.D.; and Il-Woon Kim, Ph.D.
A survey of accounting educators that explores the current use of information technology content in management accounting education shows that accounting students are not being taught the IT skills they will need in the business world.


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