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December 2010
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Mixing Finance and Medicine
By James R. Langabeer II, CMA; Jami L. DelliFraine; and Jeffrey R. Helton, CFE
Financial management in the U.S. healthcare industry is growing rapidly, both in terms of opportunities for management accountants and overall sophistication of practices. Recent health reform legislation is expected to add significantly to volumes and revenues of healthcare providers, so business analytics, internal controls, and greater strategic insight for today’s healthcare organizations will be of even greater value in the near future. The authors look at the role of finance and accounting professionals and the current state of practice in the healthcare industry.

Strengthen Your CORE
By James Bierstaker, Kenneth K. Marshall, and Jonathan Greenwald
An evaluation of a CEO should include his or her ability to handle Compliance, Operations, Risk, and Enterprise (CORE) support functions. Recent failures in leadership have created greater emphasis on legislation and regulation, so now CEOs must monitor compliance—and not just assume it’s working because rules are in place. Executives need personnel committed to the CORE programs along with the best practices and the right technology to support their efforts. The article outlines the behavioral principles and the methods of assessing CEO effectiveness.

Staying on Track in a Turnaround
By Jeffrey C. Thomson, CMA
Executing a turnaround can be risky and complicated. It has to begin with a realistic assessment of the problems, and it requires leadership that’s intelligent, honest, and steady throughout. The strategic plan has to be convincing for all involved, and the execution will involve proper management on three levels—risk management, technology enablement, and best practices of supply chain management. And because innovation is a key element of any continuous improvement process, it’s a critical part of the turnaround process, especially early on.


Benefits of a Multigenerational Network

Loss and Legacy

FSA Reimbursements for Nonprescriptive Drugs

Cultivating Leadership at Every Level of Your Organization

SEC Has Five Prominent Fraud Cases in One Month

Taking Baby Steps


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• SEC Proposes New MD&A Disclosure
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• Regulatory Mandates for XBRL Expand Globally
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Showing Other Data on Subtotal Rows

The Master Budget Project: Analysis Wrap-Up

Standard Business Reporting: Modern Language of Governments

Canon Selphy Printer, Moleskine Tablet Cover, Griffin Stylus, Aegis Padlock Drive

A Pocketful of Clouds


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