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February 2010
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Creating an Excel-Based Budget You’ll Really Use
By Jason Porter and Teresa Stephenson, CMA     
Budgeting is often a source of consternation for department managers as well as the finance department. In this six-part series, the authors detail an effective, efficient budget method that involves the creation of a linked Master Budget within Excel. The results are a budget that enables managers to see how their estimates and assumptions impact the company’s critical financial statements and minimize attempts to game the system. Part 1 examines the Data Input Sheet and the Sales Budget.

The Business of Making Money with Movies
By S. Mark Young, James J. Gong, and Wim A. Van der Stede   
Major film studios are constantly seeking new methods of generating revenue from their movies. These days, four-fifths of a film’s revenue comes from other downstream sources, including home video, pay TV, and syndication. With new technological breakthroughs, including distribution over the Internet, the studios continue to explore how they can generate more revenue while protecting their rights and property.

Improving Tax Competitiveness via Intellectual Property Management
By Emmalee K. Wus, CPA; Anthony Curatola; and Mitch McGhee      
The global business environment has not only created new competition among companies, but governments have found it necessary to compete on tax rates and incentives to attract new business to their country. Multinational corporations can take advantage of these lower tax rates by incorporating intellectual property migration into their transfer-pricing strategies.

Accounting Meets Strategy: Share Repurchase Programs
By Jane L. Reimers and J. Clay Singleton    
A share repurchase program is an important tool in managing a firm’s balance sheet. Integrating the underlying business objectives with the mechanics of these transactions provides an excellent example of strategic accounting. Here’s a detailed picture of treasury stock—why repurchases are made and methods of accounting for them—including examples of firms with significant buyback programs.


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