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Strategic Finance January 2003

January 2003
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From Fast Close To Fast Forward
By Richard Barrett
Those company executives fascinated with the “Fast Close” assumed that the faster they closed their books at the end of every accounting period, the better off they would be. Reality has set in, however, as most realized shortening their financial close had very little predictive value of what was going to happen in the next quarter. What’s more important in forecasting and re-forecasting is the nonfinancial data that drives costs, and the new generations of planning and budgeting applications are including this vital data.

Cultivate Finance Talent From Bottom To Top
By Eric Archer, CPA, and Robert Morgan
Like baseball scouts, corporate leaders should always be on the lookout to recruit experienced, innovative financial leaders. At the same time, management should be developing future leaders in-house by requiring top candidates to step up to the plate, take self-development courses, and volunteer to undertake difficult corporate assignments.

Is Your Firm Safe From Cybersmear? 
By A.J. Cataldo, CMA, CPA, and Larry N. Killough, CPA
What do you do if some anonymous Internet poster starts hammering your company, causing the stock price to fall? As the CFO or management accountant in your company, your first responsibility is to evaluate the company’s exposure to “cybersmear.” These 12 real-life cases of cyber attacks on company stocks describe what happened when disgruntled employees and others launched assaults aimed at damaging a company’s equity value.

The Rules Explosion: Is It Time To Move Toward Principles? 
By Lawrence Richter Quinn
Accounting standards setting has degenerated into a Rube Goldberg structure with a plethora of rules that dictates accounting treatments in a system that pleases no one. That’s why a number of accounting and finance spokespersons are calling for an overhaul with more emphasis placed on overarching principles understandable to everyone with an accounting and finance education—not rules to cover every possible contingency.

How Strategic Performance Management Is Helping Companies Create Business Value 
By Omar Aguilar
CDoes your company’s budgeting process drive the strategic plan, or, ideally, do the budget and operational plan support strategic goals? Drawing from case studies of several major companies, this Gunn Partners consultant describes five critical dimensions of performance management that can help your company maximize value.


The year 2002 - What has it taught us?

Strategy, value creation, and the CFO.

Delegating decisions.

Enhancing your technology expertise.

Individual tax update- Part 1.

XBRL: EDGAR analyst changes everything.


The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and executive certification requirements
FEconomic census
Should ethical principles apply equally to all?
SEC proposed new Regulation G on non-GAAP financials
Books: Resuscitating Big Blue

New offerings for this year's tax season.

Killer app turns homicidal.

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