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Strategic Finance July 2007

July 2007
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Balance Sheet Management at Olympic Steel
William J. Cenker, CPA, and Albert L. Nagy, CPA
During the recent period of dramatic price volatility, effective inventory and working capital management practices have become critical to the steel services industry. Olympic Steel, Inc., provides the model as the authors look at the methods it used in surviving the perfect storm of 2004.

Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management
Bob Paladino, CPA
Part Two of the three-part series on key CPM principles. In this installment, the author describes the critical success factors of Bronson Methodist Hospital in order to demonstrate Principle 2: Refresh and Communicate Strategy and Principle 3: Cascade and Manage Strategy.

The Top 10 Reasons to Fix the FASB’s Conceptual Framework
Paul B.W. Miller, CPA, and Paul R. Bahnson, CPA
The Financial Accounting Standards Board has requested input about its Preliminary Views document that looks at the Conceptual Framework (CFW). More than 20 years old, the framework is incomplete and could use some revitalization. Here are 10 specific reasons that address both why it needs to be fixed and what should be addressed.

Saving the Environment
Ramona Dzinkowski
Because environmental costs and liabilities can have profound impacts on financial results, there’s a pressing need for environmental financial and management accounting. An approach might include a common set of accounting tools for environmental cost accounting, environmental-related liability assessment, and environmental financial management.

Virtues in Conflict 
Elizabeth Dunn, CPA
Winner of the Carl Menconi Case Writing Competition A CFO is given information about increased cost of materials that will have a significant effect on the profits and the very future of her company. Assured by a manager that the information will change soon and that there’s no need to alert stakeholders, she has to reassess the facts, the rules of reporting, any alternatives that might exist, and the consequences of her decisions.


Where is the value?

When worlds collide—how public interests affect private companies.

The pursuit of unhappiness.

AMT credit relief for losses on ISO stock sales.

Who is responsible for college students cheating?

12 things to love about courage.

Integrating detail with end reporting.


FASB and ASBJ discuss global convergence
SEC issues ComplianceAlert
Letters: The ethical issues
SEC/PCAOB finalize 404 guidance
Books: Effective valuation; Measuring to improve performance
More Books: IMA issues Statements on Management Accounting
ICMA offers Chinese-language version of CMA exam


Who needs rules?

The antediluvian KVM.


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