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June 2012
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2011 Salary Survey: What Does This Recovery Feel Like?
By Lee Schiffel, CGFM; David L. Schroeder; and Kenneth A. Smith
Against a backdrop of geopolitical change and financial turmoil, the annual salary survey evaluates the situation of IMA® members in these complex times. For the first time in the 23-year history of the survey, the average salary decreased from the previous year. On a more positive note, the average total compensation increased, but neither change is statistically significant. A new question in this year’s survey asked about health coverage, and the long-running focus on the discrepancy in compensation between men and women is thoroughly examined.

When Do We Hold the Accountants Accountable?
By Jeff Adler, CPA
Without proper reporting and control activities, companies can’t say with certainty that results of operations are stated fairly. When Jon Corzine’s MF Global went bankrupt, the ex-governor found himself before a U.S. Senate committee saying, “I simply don’t know where the money is, or why the accounts have not been reconciled to date.” Sarbanes-Oxley requires information in annual reports that defines the effectiveness of internal control structure and procedures for financial reporting. The author looks at the costs and procedures for validating reports and analyses.

Developing Management Accountants
By Regina E. Grantz, CMA; William McEachern, CPA; and Robert Gruber, CMA, CFM, CPA
Since management accounting was introduced as a specialization within the School of Business in 1994, Alverno College has constantly refined its ability-based approach to the advanced-level undergraduate specialization. Integrating abilities and knowledge, the accounting curriculum has emphasized business strategy, management issues, use of accounting knowledge to support decisions, and skills that management accountants need to be contributing members of the management team. Today, the management accounting major at Alverno is based on the principles of liberal education and dedicated solely to management accounting.


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