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Strategic Finance May 2009

May 2009
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Co-Creating Strategic Risk-Return Management 
By Mark L. Frigo and Venkat Ramaswamy  
By focusing on co-creation opportunities, companies can generate superior returns while reducing risk exposure. Facilitating interactions among individuals and with processes helps a company engage all of its stakeholders, and this increased access and greater transparency lead to improved dialogue that helps spur better results, innovation, and opportunities. As a guide, the authors describe a new approach to creating value and managing risk that focuses on harnessing the advantages and benefits of Value Co-Creation and Return Driven Strategy.

Ghost and Zombie Assets
By Alfred M. King, CMA, CFM
Many companies may be surprised to discover they are haunted. Reconciliation between the property ledger and the assets physically on the floor can turn up ghosts (assets that are still on the ledger but not physically present) and zombies (assets that are physically present but no longer on the ledger). With increased emphasis now being placed on the accuracy of the balance sheet, it’s time companies get serious about internal controls over fixed assets and exorcise these supernatural assets from their operations.

How Accurate Are Chinese Costing Practices?
By Raef Lawson, CMA, CPA 
The third and final article based on an IMA study of management accounting practices in China focuses on the costing practices employed by Chinese firms. The 2006 adoption of new Chinese Accounting Standards moved financial reporting for companies in China much closer to the methods practiced in other parts of the world, but several unique differences remain.

Where Tax Shelters and Core Values Collide: The Case of XYZ Bank
By Robin Boneck, CPA, and David Christensen, CMA
The IRS has been clamping down on illegal lease-associated tax shelters, much to the dismay of the many big companies that had been using them to reap millions. In this article, the authors examine why a fictitious company similar to those caught in the government’s crosshairs turned a blind eye to its own stated corporate values.


Reflections on China

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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

More Enforcement and Prosecution

New Views on Lease Accounting

From Management Accountant to CMA


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• House likely to press attack on FASB, SEC
• Concerns about Cox IFRS proposal
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Reporting if All Records for a Department Are Complete

Creating Relationships Between Tables

XBRL Implementation Strategies: The Bolt-on Approach

NavTrac RTV10, Nikon D5000, Dell Vostro A90, Kensington Accessories

The Next War—Android, Fennec, and the Phones


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